Mint Locksmiths Croydon Branded iPhone and iPod cases


mint locksmiths branding

We have recently started working with companies supplying them with branded iPhone and iPod cases for their business for example a recent project we worked on was with a locksmith company that worked in Croydon and Bromley Mint Locksmiths Croydon and Mint Locksmiths Bromley they contacted us because they wanted customised cases that had the business logo on them for their ipads and iPhone this is because they use these devices to take payments from customers when out on emergency jobs.

This locksmith company use a new technology through PayPal to take payments from customers using their smart phones and tablets this is why they wanted customised iPhones an ipads so that it gives the best impression to their customers and gives them more confidence when making their payments using these devices.

I’ve really got to say that this is quite a clever and unique idea as it gives that extra bit of professionalism when hand a customer a device to make a payment on when he had your customised logo on it.

We think this is going to be quite big in the future and a lot more companies that use smart phones and tablet computers will start customising these devices so that not only do they stand out in the grounds but they also extra security for the device because you’re in the know that that device belongs to your company because it has your logo on it.

So we just like to give a quick thanks to mint locksmiths for coming to us and giving us the idea to start producing these of branded products with their company logos on as it’s another service we can offer and they seem very happy with the product.

And if you ever need a locksmith in Croydon or Bromley then why not give these guys are call as they seem very professional and eager to please their customers. We look forward to working with them again in the future with all their new devices and technology.

Time to expand the business to wholesale

handshakeThings have been going so well recently with treat your mobile that we have decided to expand the business and start providing cases and accessories wholesale to other businesses.

We really do have some unusual products that we saw from all over the world and these have drawn a lot of interest from other businesses that are interested in stocking the product so we decided to take the leap and start providing products for other businesses through a wholesale channel.

Now this is a bit of a risk for us because we have to expand our product range and also the amount of products we stock and we’re also going to need bigger offices and a bigger warehouse.

So we are planning on expanding the warehouse that we currently have and incorporating offices inside of it this is going to take a little bit of work and planning but we think it is well worth it because this will really help our business grow and will enable us to provide other businesses with the cool and unique products we supply ourselves.

If you’re interested in seeing some of our products and being a wholesale customer please do not hesitate to get in contact with us as we would love to talk to you about supplying you with our unique products or do you have any advice or tips on expanding your business then we would love to hear those to.

In general this is a really exciting time for us and we hope things continue to grow naturally as they are. We are also getting involved in a lot more trade shows and general fares and shows across the country not only to sell products to new customers but also make new business to business connections to help expand this new wholesale market we intend to open up to so when you’re out at different events across the UK remember to look out for us as you might see us selling our products and we would love you to come over and say hello.

Taking payments with PayPal through your iphone

device_welcomeWe have recently been looking into the new technology that allows you to take payments using your mobile phone through PayPal we really think this is a cool new way to take payments from customers especially when we’re doing shows.

It’s quite simple really you just download the app on your iPhone and all you need is a payment processing machine through PayPal which cost roughly around £80 and you can set up the payment process.

Once you’ve downloaded the app we need to do is configure the device with your account and the app and you’re ready to go is really that simple. And to be honest is a really great little device for taking payments and it has the big PayPal logo on the device which gives people peace of mind because most people have a PayPal account because of a eBay.

When we did a show recently we took this little device along with us so that people could make a card payments when they purchased our items the transaction seem to go through seamlessly and we never had any problems the only slight difficulty we had was when we lost mobile phone signal a couple of times this is the really the only downside to using this payment process.

But then again if we had a mobile terminal they also work off of the mobile signal so they would only be able to take payments if they had signalled well so this is not really a downside to using the PayPal system is really a downside to using mobile payments in general but when you’re at a trade show or a marketplace where you do not have a phone line this is a really great way to take payments that your customers can trust.

So if you’re a small business looking to take card payments I would highly recommend you check out the PayPal system as it is really simple and reliable.

New range of Marvel superhero iPhone 5 cases

I’m pleased to announce that we have a brand-new range of Marvel iPhone 5 cases in stock these are really quite impressive cases as you can see they are 3-D so it turns your iPhone into your favourite Marvel character.

They are made from a line but tough silicon casing which protect your phone from all of those daily bumps and scrapes which can mark the soft rim that is around the iPhone.

I’m going to show you a few of my favourites starting with the dark Knight himself batman this has got to be one of my favourites as I’ve always been a big fan of Batman ever since I was a kid you be surprised at the detail that they have managed to achieve with this 3-D case you really is quite impressive.



Now it would be no good having Batman without the Joker I really like the character joker and I was really tempted to have one of these as my case for my iPhone but in the end I opted for Ironman but we will get to Ironman in a minute. This joker case really does capture the character really well it is colourful and got great character like the Joker himself. If you’re a fan of the Joker then you can go much wrong with having one of these cases as although it is a little bit bulky it really does protect your iPhone and let everybody know what a big fan of the Joker you really are.



Now to the case that I actually have on my iPhone I’m a big fan of the movies so I decided to opt for the Ironman case on my iPhone you’ll be surprised at the amount of comments I get when people see that I have an Ironman case as most people only seen these three cases for Disney characters and hello Kitty cases but they have never seen them with the Marvel characters on them before so whenever I get my iPhone out the first thing people ask me is where did I get that case from and this is why I think that they are going to be ready sellers for us in the future.


I absolutely love my Ironman case and have to say it did protect my phone when I dropped it in the car park the other day like usual I had too many things to hold and balanced my iPhone on top and ended up dropping but I’m pleased to say that the case stood up well to meet up and it onto the concrete so I was very happy I didn’t have to replace the screen.

We have a wide range of different Marvel characters available from the Hulk, Batman and Robin, Ironman, Spiderman, and many more I’ve added a picture below so you can seek yourself exactly what they look like I think over the next few days all be swapping between the different cases just to mix things up a little.


We’ve also recently got these new Batman mask iPhone cases in they are really cool as they come in black and glow in the dark I really do like these cases as you can hold up to your face and looked like the dark Knight himself very funny and really clever will so have a Joker case so you can look like a clown using the same principle I have added a picture of them below because I think they are really clever and I hope people like them as much as we do.


You can now get customised iPhone cases


We are pleased to announce that we are offering all of our customers in our Brighton shop the chance to get a customised iPhone 5 case what exactly does that mean well it is quite simple if you coming to our store in Brighton with a picture on your iPhone that you would really like to turn into a case we can do that for you in a matter of minutes.

That’s right you can have a picture of absolutely anything to like on your iPhone 5 case so if you have a picture of your beloved dog all you just have a picture of your favourite pop star or movie banner then all you need to do is bring that picture along with you on your iPhone and we would be happy to put this on to your new iPhone case for you.

So that everybody knows exactly what’s important to you with this customised case service you can be completely unique and stand out from the crowd with these incredible customised iPhone cases example if there’s a pattern or design that you really love or you have an outfit that has a fabric that looks incredible all you need to do is take a photo of that bring into us and we can put that pattern onto your new iPhone case.

The possibilities are pretty much endless example we recently did a retro comic book cover for one of our customers this was his absolute favourite comic book so he bought a picture of its front cover into us and we created his custom iPhone 5 case and he absolutely loved it, and I have to say it did look pretty impressive in fact was very tempted to make another one for myself.

This is what we mean by the possibilities are endless and unlike a lot of the other custom phone case companies we actually wrap the entire case with the image not just the flat back panel the entire phone case will be covered with your image.

The other great thing about the process that we use to produce these cases is that the image chemically attaches to the plastic of the iPhone case itself so you are able to use it without worrying about scratching off the design because even if you scratch the case you’ll still see the design as you are unable to scratch this image of because it is chemically welded to the phone case making your images very bright and colourful and very durable.

We hope you laugh our new custom iPhone case service and we look forward to seeing you in our Brighton shop soon to get your case made.

Lifeproof Waterproof iPhone 5 cases

8700472X-0When it comes to taking your iPhone on holiday it can get a little tricky because we all know that iPhone’s do not like heat sand or water so we all want our iPhone is with us but we are constantly worried about the fact that we may break them.

And this is where the new and exciting life proof iPhone 5 case comes in it is shockproof and waterproof so you can literally take you anywhere with you you’ll be surprised to know that they do an adapter for it so you can actually use your headphones whilst surfing that’s right you can listen to your music on your iPhone while surfing without having to worry about damaging your iPhone in any way shape or form these cases are incredibly impressive.

Example if you use the site functions on your iPhone so you can take photos you can set the iPhone to photos or videos and then recalled underwater using this case now if that’s not worth the money alone then I don’t know what is this is a really impressive case and is literally designed for everyday life as well as when you go on holiday.

I’ve had a life proof case on my iPhone for a year or so now because I’m always dropping in the warehouse or getting it wet in the bathroom this is why the life proof case works well for me because it’s literally protect your iPhone from everyday life.

In fact I am so happy with this product that we have decided to contact life proof to see if we can start stocking their products here in the UK we know that if they worked well for us then they will work from customers and we really need to make sure that we get this product in because I know that you’re all going to absolutely love it especially with the summer holidays coming around.

lifeproof-fre-iphone-5-caseYou can take the kids on the beach and record them is splashing around in the water on your iPhone without having to worry about whether you get it wet or if you actually drop it into the water with this case you can be part of the fun without ever having to worry.

Another good feature that my friend uses on this a lot is to set it to recalled when he goes skiing because the life proof case protects him from not only the snow but the impact of him falling over or dropping it iPhone whilst recording you should see some of the incredible videos he’s managed to recalled using his iPhone and the life proof case.

So if you’re into extreme sports and love recording your adventures then I would highly recommend grabbing a life proof case your iPhone as you will be able to recalled all of your stance and tricks on your iPhone without having to worry about breaking.

So you can get them high resolution shots that you never thought you would be able to get before with the life proof case I’m a massive fan of this product as you can see.

I’ve added to videos below that I thought you might be interested in watching if you’re thinking about getting a life proof case as they show it at its best.

I just got Google chromecast


I just recently purchased Google chromecast and decided that I would write a bit of a review about it and let you know what I think about the little gadget in general.

I saw the advert for chromecast on the television and decided that it like a pretty cool gadget to add to my life so I decided to go ahead and order it through Google.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect when it first arrived at once I got it out of the packaging and plugged into my television all surprised at how simple it was to get it going I downloaded the app to my iPhone and registered the chromecast information and I was done ready to use chromecast on my television and iPhone and iPad.

Google-ChromecastThe first thing that really drew me to chromecast was that I own many subscription to netflicks so I can stream all of the movies from that subscription straight onto my television and start watching this is a really cool way of sharing videos and TV programmes with your family and friends.

I also like the option that you can stream YouTube videos straight onto your television so if you are watching something that’s quite funny rather than you all had a round a tiny little phone screen you can automatically send it to the television and watch it there.

This is also a really good way of sharing pictures I recently went on a trip around the UK and was able to share all of my pictures with family members when they came out to dinner without having to pass around the iPad like to share them with everybody through the television using chromecast.

There are a number of different apps that are compatible with chromecast but unfortunately there are a couple that I would really like to be compatible with chromecast but unfortunate not to example I have sky Mobile on my iPhone so I can watch football on the go old loves to be able to use this in conjunction with chromecast for example if I’m round of friends place and want to share the game with them then this would be a really cool way of doing this but unfortunate it is not compatible a moment and they have no plans of making it compatible in the future.

I also have a subscription to Amazon prime through love film but their app is not compatible with Google chromecast either which is a bit of a shame because they do have a lot of different stuff on their then they do on netflicks they said that they may look to make a compatible app with chromecast but this will be in the future hopefully happen soon because I really do enjoy the Amazon prime on my phone and it would make it a lot easier to share it with the telly.

In general I really do like the chromecast gadget for the telly it really is easy to use and a lot of fun I recommend it to anybody that have a smart phone and want to shave years and pictures with family or use some of their raps on the television it really is quite simple to use and a lot of fun.

New crystal iPhone cases

swarvoski_pink_webWe’ve got some exciting news we have recently done a deal with a supplier of crystal iPhone cases that’s right the luxury iPhone cases that you see all the celebrities with will now be available from us through our Brighton store we going to have a wide range available from clear crystal to the more outlandish rock style cases that have big crystals on them and are multicoloured.

I’m going to add some pictures below to show you all the different designs that are available and exactly what you are getting for your money these are official crystals made by the finest crystal makers in the world is not the cheap rhinestones that you see on cases on eBay and in the marketplaces.

These are high-end luxury cases for the most discerning customers so if you’re looking for the most elegant and luxury cases then you have to look no further than our range of crystal cases.

Each one is handmade using only the finest crystals each individual crystal is set by hand to the design specially chosen by you if you want a customised crystal case then this is a problem either just send us a copy of the design you would like produced into crystals on your device and we would be happy to produce this beautiful piece especially for you.

Whether you want a rose design or even a skull and cross bones just send us the image that you would like and we will be happy to create this for you using our skilled crystal engineers you will get a beautiful crystal case using the exact image you wanted and the exact crystal colours you selected there is no limit to what you can achieve using these beautiful crystal this is why we are so excited about providing this service for you as you can really have a specialised custom device just for you.

We look forward to seeing you in our Brighton store and sharing with everybody a great new designs that you ask us to make this really is a unique opportunity.

Clear shield iPhone 5 cases

fb_1When it comes to protecting our iPhone it can be slightly frustrating that most of the cases are quite bulky and awkward to use this is why the new range of clear shield cases are really quite cool what is a shield case.

Basically what she’ll cases are is a really tough clear vinyl that covers every aspect of your iPhone and protects it from everyday bumps and scrapes but this is no ordinary vinyl.

This final is the same vinyl that they use on the tips of fighter jets to protect it from debris in the air that’s right you can protect your iPhone with the same high grade vinyl that they use on US fighter jets.

Because this final is so hard wearing you’ll be surprised at the type of things you can use on the final without damaging your iPhone four example on the demonstration video they get an electric drill and run it over the front of the iPhone and it doesn’t market at all they even get a high-powered sander and run that over the top of the iPhone and once again it doesn’t even leave a mark on the device itself.

In another one of the clips they tie the iPhone to the back of a car on a dusty rough road and drive it along bouncing all over the place and scraping behind the car and then once they remove the film the iPhone is in perfect order without a mark on it.

These clear cases really are quite incredible because they give you the feel and look at the iPhone as if it was naked without any case but gives you the protection of having a case on it this is why they have become so popular because they really are indestructible and make sure iPhone pretty well protected from everyday use.

Now I know there’s not many of us that are going to take high-powered sander is all drills to our iPhone is but it just goes to show how tough these little skins are at protecting your iPhone and if you really want to keep your iPhone in its original condition I would highly recommend you purchase one of these cases.

We don’t actually stock these shield cases ourselves but there are a number of different online retailer of the do so if you want one of them they are pretty easy to find.

In fact these little things are so impressive that we might even look into stock in ourselves because I can’t think of a better way to protect your iPhone and still keep the sleek design of the iPhone.

You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes in your pocket having an iPhone without a case and it it doesn’t seem like a lot but those cases really do add quite a bit of bulk to your iPhone and the phone itself is incredibly slim this is wide recommend to anybody that is going to purchase a new iPhone 5s that they use one of these clear shield cases to protect their iPhone because even cases can call scratching on your iPhone because dirt and debris can get behind the case and called small scratching on the iPhone where their shield case would prevent this.

A warning about buying cheap iPhone chargers

A warning about buying cheap iPhone charges

I decided to write this quick post as I thought that more people needed to be aware of this there have been a lot of cheap iPhone charges flooding the UK market now this may sound like a great thing for the British consumer but unfortunately this time it’s not.

A lot of these iPhone charges are not built to the same kind of standards that they would be if they were produced by Apple which means there have been a lot of cases where people have been burnt or seriously injured by these electrical charges.

There was even a case where a small boy died recently because he was using one of these cheap iPhone charges on his mums iPhone now unfortunately there is not really a way of telling whether you are buying a cheap knockoff or the actual product this is why we would highly recommend that you buy all of your charges for your electrical devices from reputable retailers.

Or if you were unsure whether an iPhone charger already type of charger is genuine then I recommend you buy it from the official manufacturer for this example I would recommend that you contact and purchase items from Apple themselves that way you know that your charger is completely safe and is not going to injure you in anyway.

ios_7_unauthorized_cable_accessoryThere have been a number of occasions also where the phone has been left in to charge with this new charger and his overheated the iPhone battery causing it to set on fire now luckily they haven’t been many reporting where it has done serious damage to somebody or their property but you feel it’s only a matter of time before somebody gets really her using these charges.

This is why we thought we would put together this blog post to warn all of our readers about this so they can protect themselves and their family begins these cheap iPhone charges.

If you suspect that you may own one of these charges or know somebody that has won please discard them and use the official charges provided by the manufacturer this is the anyway to protect yourself and know that you are going to get exactly what you are paying for they may be a little bit more expensive but you cannot put a price on your own safety or your family safety.